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Easy Steps to Get Fit

Who says
getting fit can be an uphill struggle that it takes a new year’s resolution to
make the effort?  As you age, it increasingly becomes important to get fit
and keep the body active. The body is like a machine. It must be well
maintained and looked after. We address the easy steps of getting fit. It all
begins with a commitment of loving your body. Let us take a look at physical
fitness, emotional fitness, psychological and mental fitness.

When we
talk about fitness and wellbeing, we think of physical fitness. For this, you
need to have an exercise regimen regularly. It does not have to be an action
movie. Walking is a simple exercise regimen that is good for the body. Choose
to take the stairs instead of the elevator. Take morning or evening walks. If
you can commit time and financial resources get a trainer or gym membership. It
is also good to stay hydrated. Carry a water bottle with you as you travel so
you do not get thirsty on the road. Get the average 8 glasses of water a day to
stay healthy. Choose fruit juices over diet sodas. Get enough sleep and sleep
on time. Sleep heals the body and repairs the cells. It rests the mind. If you
have insomnia, or have trouble sleeping it helps to read a book before sleeping
or induce sleep with the help of essential oils and candles. Take warm milk or
a hot shower. Stay away from stimulating things just before sleeping like caffeine.
Your bed is a sacred and safe space; it is where you find peace and comfort to
be fit and healthy. Have regular visits to the doctor for a full check up
especially when you are not feeling well. Monitor key metrics like sugar levels
and blood pressure to keep them under control in case you have health issues.
Take your vitamins and medicines on time and in the proper dosage. Addiction is
unhealthy to the body. It can destroy your internal organs.

important thing to look after to stay fit is emotional health. It is easy to
forget to look after emotional health but emotions can creep up and affect the
overall system if it gets too much. Learn to manage stress. There is normal and
necessary stress like finishing deadlines for work but sometimes stress can be
too much to take and it soon affects bodily health. Stress lowers the immune
system. It helps to have a hobby like listening to music or reading a book and
do breathing exercises to counter stress. Get entertained. Go out with friends
and family for coffee or movie or dinner. Interact with the world. Walk in the
park with your dog if you have one. Watch the sunset and smile at the flowers.
Learn how to cope with change. Change can be gradual and easy to manage but
often times it can be drastic and sudden. It helps to talk to a friend or to a
partner or if too much, a therapist, to release the tension of change. Work on
your emotional intelligence. Having a high emotional intelligence is central to
getting fit. You feel empowered and capable of setting and achieving goals in
life. Live a life of service to your family, to the community, and to the
country. This is the secret to a meaningful life.

There is
also psychological and mental fitness. The key is to keep the mind and spirit
healthy. This prevents memory loss as you age. Play the crossword puzzle, spend
time activating the mind. Get motivated with life. It is easy to get
demotivated and depressed with every day struggles or with routine but find
something that can motivate you to wake up and stay active for the day for a
purpose driven life. If you find yourself at a rut, relax and meditate. Do
breathing exercises and mindfulness. Try yoga or massage.

It is
necessary to highlight post operative fitness. After a major surgery or illness
like stroke or spine surgery or heart attack, staying healthy becomes a
challenge you need to overcome. The road is steep and it is easy to just stay
in bed all day and night and be dependent on family members. Get the help of a
physical therapist and have a physiotherapy regimen. Find things that interest
you and connect with others in similar conditions in order to get back to form.
Being independent with self care and living a normal life are keys to getting

If you find yourself in need of special care to
stay fit and healthy as you transition to a normal life post operation or after
a major illness, consider the services of a care home.  A care home can
keep track and help you with physical, emotional, psychological and mental

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